eBooks, Case Studies and even a Mindful Office Starter Kit. This page has everything you need to know about the benefits of mindfulness and wellbeing training. Download to your heart's content.


Situational Awareness for Employee Health & Safety

Research suggests humans spend some 47% of their time with the mind "wandering" and 91% of workplace accidents occur due to human error. This eBook shows how mindfulness training rewires your employees' brains to help them focus and be alert, reducing the number of workplace injuries.  Download here.

The Competitive Advantage of Mindfulness

This eBook explains the general science behind mindfulness training. Learn how being in the present moment more often can improve your performance, health and relationships both in the office and at home.Download here.

How to Implement Mindfulness Training into Your Wellness Program

Are you a Human Resources, Wellness, Benefits or Learning & Development professional? In this eBook, learn to develop mindfulness programs similar to the ones nearly half of all Fortune 500's already have. We surveyed over 50 companies to give you the definitive guide on adding mindfulness and mental wellbeing to your wellness program. Download here.

How Mindfulness Helps Financial Services Professionals Perform

This eBook is intended for financial services professionals to understand the science behind how mindfulness training can help them perform their best at work and otherwise.Download here.

How Mindfulness Helps Healthcare Professionals Perform 

This eBook helps healthcare professionals reduce compassion fatigue, reduce error and injury rates and improve their focus and overall performance. Find out how your employees can benefit from mindfulness training in every which way.Download here.

How Mindfulness Helps Retail Professionals Perform

The retail industry has one of the highest turnover rates. Train your retail employees to stress less, perform better and get the most out of work and life in this eBook. Download here.

Why Universities are Embracing Mindfulness

The academic environment is changing faster than ever. University students, faculty and staff are up against unprecedented sources of stress both at school and at home. It's no wonder why so many of the world's leading universities are turning to mindfulness to create resilient, positive and focused academic communities. Download here.

How Executives Over 50 Stay Sharp, Sleep Better and Age Well

The world is moving faster than ever. Technology and younger generations are quickly changing the business environment. This eBook helps executives over 50 at the top of their game, to be resilient in the face of change and disruption.  
Download here.

The Mindful Office Starter Kit

Over half of Fortune 500 companies now offer mindfulness training to their employees because it not only improves wellbeing, but creates a happy and positive corporate culture as well. This FREE kit gives you everything you need to get started yourself. All you need is a printer and your mobile phone, and you'll be on your way.  
Download here.

Chill Club Preview - Mindfulness Programs for Teams

Get a sneak peek of our exclusive Chill Club Mindfulness Program for Teams. It contains the full Mindfulness 101 program. With this guide, you don't need to become a corporate mindfulness expert. Everything you need to lead your team in mindfulness sessions is right here. To learn how to bring Whil's full library of over 50 training programs to your company, contact us at   
Download here.