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About The Event

Join us in Philadelphia on our Mindful Leader Tour. Attendees will learn the foundational practices for training mindfulness, resiliency and emotional intelligence (EQ) skills for yourself, as well as for the employees in your company. The pace of this program is quick, interactive and highly experiential. This event also qualifies for 8 hours of SHRM and 5.5 HRCI CE credits. Following the workshop you will be able to: 

Checkmark.png Know how to use best practices to launch your own mindfulness training program.

Checkmark.png Implement actionable insights to improve health, performance, relationships and sleep for yourself and your employees.

Checkmark.png Apply the research and science, providing examples that support the many benefits of mindfulness and emotional intelligence training.

Checkmark.png Exercises and create your own healthy habits, while offering best practice examples and "how to's".

Checkmark.png Present powerful new skill-building tools and examples aligned to leadership development.

Checkmark.pngPresent your C-level leadership team with the merits and benefits of mindfulness.

Checkmark.png Describe how these skills apply to different disciplines in the your company.

Checkmark.pngConnect with fellow Human Resources, L&D and Executive Leadership professionals in your area.

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Your Presenter

Joe Burton
Founder and CEO, Whil Concepts

Joe is an entrepreneur in the digital health space, former president of Headspace, and spent fifteen years as a global COO in public companies. Joe is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and a regular contributor to Forbes, Business Insider, and The Huffington Post. He's worked in over 70 countries and travels the world teaching on topics including disruption, culture, and mindfulness. As Whil's CEO, he's become known for modernizing brain training techniques for professionals, by professionals... creating mindfulness for the rest of us, if you will.

Special Guest            

Cara Bradley

Author of On The Verge

Cara Bradley, author of On The Verge: Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine is a mental strength coach and leader in bodymind training. A teacher for over three decades and former pro skater, Cara leads programs for CEO’s, corporations including The World Bank Group, universities including Yale University, and sports teams including Villanova University football and basketball and Penn State basketball. She is the founder of the award-winning Verge BodyMind Center in suburban Philadelphia, co-founder of the non-profit Mindfulness Through Movement, hosts, On The Verge, a popular podcast series and is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Mindful Magazine.                 

Free Digital Toolkit

All attendees will receive Whil's Mindful Office Starter Kit:

  • A free year to all of Whil's digital training programs, including mindfulness, sleep and yoga programs for adults and teens (you're welcome, parents!) and our famous emotional intelligence and leadership training for managers; a $300 value.
  • eBook: The Competitive Advantage of Mindfulness: The Science of Mindfulness Training
  • Best Practices Guide: How to Implement Mindfulness Training into Your Wellness Program
  • How to Be Mindful, Not Mindless employee handouts
  • Mindful Meetings Guide